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13 Good Reasons to Study at an Australian University

Wish to study abroad? Ranking third in the list of most popular overseas education destination for international students, Australia offers high-quality education at an affordable range of tuition fees. Known for globally recognised programs, cultural diversity, friendly natives, and a high standard of living, Australia is one of the most sought destination for students across the world. Read more to know about the most important reasons to pursue your higher studies in Australia. Affordability

Most courses in Australia are designed to be shorter but are packed with an educational punch, so to speak. Students learn plenty from their programs, which delve intensively into the coursework. As a result of these shortened programs, Australian universities tend to be a lot cheaper than those offered by their counterparts in other popular education destinations. Living expenses in Australia are also far more reasonable when compared to the UK or US.

Quality Of Education

In addition to being highly intensive in terms of knowledge imparted to the students, Australian universities also incorporate the latest innovations, technological advances and current trends in the industry to ensure that their programs meet the highest education standards. The emphasis is on making education practical to meet the demands of the industry.

Variety in Education

Australian universities offer a range of degrees and courses, and students have plenty of options to choose from in terms of courses in their chosen field as well as universities offering their field. Vocational programs are also increasingly popular as students can gain from the career-centric and valuable skills that most employers look for. Vocational courses are available at RTOs (registered training organizations), TAFE (Technical and Further Education) institutes and private colleges and also at regular universities. These courses can teach students basic life skills, literacy and numeracy training, vocational skills for specific occupations, explore areas with a practical focus and offer semi-professional vocational training. One of the highlights of the Australian education system is that students can easily switch between qualification levels and between universities.

Globally recognised Degrees from Australian universities are recognized and highly valued by companies and other educational institutes across the world. As a result of this, Australia is an exceedingly popular destination for international students and currently has around 2.5 million international students.

Quality Assurance

The Australian Quality Assurance Framework set up by the Australian government has been specially designed to ensure that all Australian universities meet the highest standards of education with a particular focus on structure and rigor. The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) framework ensures that the security of international students is the highest priority. As a result, international students and their parents are guaranteed financial protection and a range of useful services.


Australia is a great place for students interested in research. There are plenty of research opportunities available to eligible professionals and students alike. However, remember that these opportunities are highly competitive and awarded based on merit.

Support Services

A majority of Australian universities have an international student support unit. This team helps international students by answering their questions and directing them to whichever service they require. Another popular service offered by Australian universities is the student hotline. Many universities also provide orientation and student preparation programs. Counseling services, individual tutoring and workshops to teach international students English and other necessary skills are also available. Several universities also seek to encourage international students by forming student groups and assigning mentors to them. Quite often, family members, who accompany students to Australia, are also provided with some form of support.

Simple Visa Formalities

The heavy emphasis on ensuring that Australia remains an attractive destination for international students has led to the government simplifying the visa process. The time taken to process visas has significantly been reduced, as have the number of documents required for proof of identification.

Part-Time Work

One of the best advantages of studying in Australia is the ability to work while studying, thereby reducing the burden on students wishing to save on living expenses. Students are allowed to work for 20 hours each week. This is also beneficial to gain work experience in the student’s chosen field of interest.

Job Opportunities

Australia has several jobs on offer in an array of disciplines, which significantly contributes to its appeal. While the US focuses on luring IT professionals and the UK no longer interested in doctors, Australia is a welcomes doctors and other healthcare professionals. Other thriving fields in Australia include agriculture, aeronautics, data analysis, cyber security, digital marketing, commercial analysis, software development, business development, architecture, event management, change analysis, civil design, social work, education, construction and property law, facilities management, customer engagement, and human resources.

Diversity In Culture and Society

Among the most culturally diverse cultures in the world, Australia is home to people from around 200 countries. The country has a reputation for being safe, friendly, quite laid-back and peaceful. International students are readily accepted by their fellow students and professors.

Land Of Beauty

Australia is a wonderful blend of sandy beaches, inspiring landmarks, breathtaking rainforests, world heritage sites, and deserts. As a student, your holidays should be happily occupied visiting the many beautiful places in this remarkable country, whether it be the Opera House in Sydney, Fraser Island, Bondi Beach, Uluru Rock or the Great Barrier Reef.

Group Of 8

This collective of research-intensive universities is Australia’s version of the Ivy League, but these universities are much larger and more inclusive, accepting a large number of students. The faculty at these universities are at the cutting edge of their respective fields, and most of these universities have state-of-the-art laboratories that bring out the best in students.


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