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Microsoft, PayPal, Uber, others, considering offering jobs to IITians in US


Microsoft, PayPal, Indeed, Uber and Rubrik, a fledgeling global cloud data management company, may offer top job profiles in the US at the annual placement season of IIT-Bombay that started on 1 December.

Sources from the campus said that the prospective job seekers are, however, being cautioned by most of these global companies about visa issues and have been given similar positions in India if the selected candidates are refused American visas. In 2016, most of the students who bagged job offers in US companies had to take up positions in Indian offices of these companies.

But that has not deterred the enthusiasm of students looking for offers in the US even as fewer companies are coming to the IIT campus in Powai (Mumbai). This is because prestigious companies are still visiting India. A student was quoted by The Times of India as saying that though students may be placed in India, there are chances of them being transferred to the US after a stint of one or two years here.

On the other hand, a growing number of Indian students belonging to electrical engineering and computer science, said to be the most coveted courses, are eager to pursue their masters from the US, the student added. According to the student, most students getting high scores are applying for PhD or masters in prestigious American institutions. The student observed that since research is happening a lot in machine learning, many leading companies are favouring postgraduate candidates as well.

Meanwhile, some students, who eagerly want to pursue higher education, are also attending placements because they are yet to make up their minds.

Moreover, the number of Japanese recruiters heading to the Mumbai campus of the IIT has also increased. Another student said that though the salaries they offer don’t match those of the US firms, students are looking for international exposure, causing the number of companies arriving on the campus to almost double. Some Japanese companies that are visiting the campus regularly in recent years include Sony, Yahoo Japan, Rakuten, Murata.

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