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8 GRE Test Tips To Keep in Mind

Few quick test tips can significantly boost your GRE score. Keeping in mind the different learning styles and after a lot of research, we have zeroed down some crucial things to remember during the course of the exam.

These 8 core mantras will help you take the GRE without any hassles and will also increase you confidence levels. Go ahead and make a note of it!

1. Answer every question.

GRE is one exam where you are not penalized for making random guesses. In other words, there is no negative marking for answering incorrectly. So it’s in your best interest to answer every single question thrown at you, even the ones you don’t like or the ones you don’t know the solution to.

2. Use the scratch paper.

ETS doesn’t allow you to carry your own stuff inside the GRE test centers. Your passport and email confirmation letter are the only two things you will be allowed to carry inside. However, you will be provided with a scratch paper. Use it to solve math problems, write down formulas, outline your essay for the Analytical Writing section or use it to memorize words you have learned before the test. Make the best use of the scratch paper they provide.

3. Plan your time appropriately.

Since GRE is Adaptive in nature, the score for each question will differ according to its difficulty level. So, it is very important to plan your time accordingly during the exam. Planning here means to spend the right amount of time on the right question. If you are confident of getting the correct answer, go for it. Similarly, if you are unsure of a particular question, leave it and hop on to the next one. You can come back to it later if you have the time.

4. Pace yourself.

In the verbal section of GRE, you will be given half an hour to answer 20 questions. The quant section on the other hand you will have 35 minutes to answer 20 questions. In short, you’ll hardly have about a minute and a half for each question. To make sure you don’t leave any questions unanswered, you must be quick to answer the questions. Doing that will also enable you to come back and review the questions you have already answered.

5. Mentally manage your stress.

There is always a tendency to get stressed while taking the GRE. You can avoid this by keeping yourself positive. Try chanting a positive phrase or an inspiring quote in mind. You can even try envisioning the end result of the GRE exam. Something like reaching your target score. It helps.

6. Read the Questions first in RC Passages.

In the reading comprehension section, read the questions first. When starting with Reading Comprehension, the best idea is to read the questions first and then plunge into the passage. It will help you focus on what exactly you need to find out from the passage instead of reading the whole passage for nothing. Doing that will considerable amount of time in the GRE.

7. Outline your essays.

While attempting the Analytical Writing section, before you write, make sure you take a few minutes to outline what you’re going to write. Collect your thoughts, think of a logical sequence to put forth your point and draw a vague outline / flowchart of your essay. This will give a skeleton to your essay and help present it better.

8. Use a process of elimination.

If you can rule out even one wrong answer, you’ll be in a much better chance of guessing if it comes to that. Instead of looking for the “right” answer, look for the “least wrong” answer. Most of the time, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices to two, which obviously gives you much better odds of getting the answers right. Consider the fact that GRE doesn’t have negative marking; this process is very helpful when you are not sure of the correct answer.


A combination of sufficient practice, right temperament and basic smart learning processes will help you score significantly higher in GRE. You can master all these techniques only by applying through real time GRE style practice. Hope these above tips can lead you to get the solution for the query How to prepare for GRE.

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