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Process Management, Big Data, and Cloud are tech skills that command top US salary: DICE 2018 Salary

Process Management, Big Data, and Cloud are the tech skills that command top US salary as revealed by the DICE 2018 Salary Report. Aspiring tech immigrants to the US must not miss the “DICE 2018 Salary Report” that reveals the tech skills that command top US salary.

Though tech salaries have remained stable, demand for very particular skills is propelling the salaries upwards. This is even as the employers in the US compete for attracting talents that are hard to find. Process Management, Big Data, and Cloud are the skill categories that outpace the national average for salary in the US.

CEO and President of the parent company of Dice DHI Group, Inc Michael Durney said that there is a view that tech field is the Wild West that has lavish perks and outsized compensation. Though this is not true for all domains, salaries for tech skills that are limited and wherein employers vie with one another and are offered premium pay.

It is these disconnect that partially creates frustration amongst tech pros or employers. This is when the process of recruitment generates a gap between actual market trends and salary expectations, added Durney.

Employers in the US have been constantly offering incentives to tech professionals beyond their pay packages. This trend is ever since DICE began to keep a track of this in its yearly reports.

In 2009, almost 53% or half of the firms offered extra perks. These include an option to telecommute, flexible work hours, and paid training. In 2018, it has increased to a whopping 71%. It is evidence that employers are utilizing innovative tactics for hiring to attract top tech talents.

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