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The requirements of the American Student Visa for overseas students

The US welcomes overseas nationals who intend to arrive in the nation through the America study visa. Prior to applying for American Student Visa the applicants must be approved and accepted by their program or school in the US.

The most common type of US Student visa is the F-1 Visa. This is required if you intend to pursue the academic education in the US at an authorized school. It includes approved English language program, or private secondary school, and college or university. An F-1 visa will also be required to arrive at the US for higher studies if the duration of your course exceeds 18 hours weekly.

You will need to apply for American visa M-1 if you intend to pursue training, vocational study or non-academic study at an institution in the US.

Among-st the diverse factors that will be considered by the US Consulate in your visa interview, supporting documents are also included. Officers at the Consulate consider every application individually. The cultural, social, and professional factors will be considered while deciding your visa application, as quoted by the US Travel Docs.

Below are the documents that will be required for the interview for US Student Visa:

  • Documents that demonstrate strong family, social and financial ties to your home nation. These must compel you to return home after the completion of your program of study in the US.

  • Financial and related documents that will support your visa application. These must offer convincing proof that you possess adequate funds available for all expenses in the first year of study. They must also prove that you possess access to adequate funds to meet all expenses during your stay in the US.

  • Xerox copies of statements from the bank will not be accepted unless supported by original bank statements or books.

  • In case you are being sponsored financially, you must have proof of your relationship with the sponsor; for instance birth certificate. Bankbooks, fixed deposit certificates, and latest original tax forms of the sponsor will also be required.

  • Academic credentials that support scholastic preparation will be required. The documents for this include school transcripts preferably in original with grades, certificates for public examinations, diplomas and standardized test scores such as TOEFL, SAT etc

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