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With cheap tuition fees and living costs, Austria is a highly affordable overseas study destination

With cheap tuition fees and living costs, Austria is a highly affordable Overseas Study Destination for International Students. It is also one of the safest nations in the EU. The Austrian Universities have low tuition fees. Thus Austria is a great option as an affordable overseas study destination.

Fees for non-EU students

Apart from the 18 Euros per semester, on an average 726 Euros will have to be paid by non-EU students as tuition fees per semester. They have to pay the tuition fees only once if they decide to take up courses at multiple universities.

Student living costs

Living costs in Austria are really affordable considering its high quality of life. The prices are diverse depending on the city or region in Austria. The all-inclusive monthly budget for cities like Salzburg and Vienna will be around 950-850 Euros. For other cities such as Graz or Linz, the living costs per month will be in the range of 840-600 Euros, as quoted by the Masters Portal EU.

Accommodation costs

The rates of accommodation in Austria range between 300-200 Euros per month. The average rates for any form of housing ranges between 270-250 Euros per month. Overseas students who choose to live alone need to pay 356 Euros every month. If you choose to stay in student accommodation, the price is around 260 Euros per month.

Food costs

Lunch is the most important meal of the day for Austrians. It is for this reason that majority of the restaurants offer an affordable meal at noon. Chinese restaurants are usually the cheapest. Traditional Austrian food is served at reasonable prices at Gasthof or Gasthaus.


The easiest and convenient way to travel within any city in Austria is public transportation, tram or bus. The reason is that these operate on a fixed schedule. Students below the age of 26 years can obtain a discount card known as Vorteilskarte. It offers them 50% discount over regular prices for travel in Austria.

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