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Future of Big Data Hadoop Developer in India


Imagine you are watching television and see adds that are streaming on it, are all relevant? So obviously you are not that interested and start surfing. But imagine if the add that is on the television is of your interest, assume you went to a burger outlet to have a juicy burger and the add that comes up is the same product, or say you went shopping for shades and the add is about the same product. Now imagine if this is true for all individuals would that not be more effective? This is just one of the facet of Big Data. The only challenge now is to manage the big data, and with innovations in the field of big data like Hadoop the scope is getting bigger.

Hadoop and Big Data

Hadoop is the supermodel of Big Data. To be skilled in Hadoop is a deciding factor in getting a springboard to your career or getting left behind. If you are a fresher there is a huge scope if you are skilled in Hadoop. Amongst the open source framework, there is almost no other alternative which can deal with petabytes of data as Hadoop can. In 2015 was it was predicted that Indian Big Data Hadoop industry will grow five folds in the analytics centre.

Job Market in Analytics on the Rise in India

Research suggests that by the end of 2018 India alone will face a shortage of about two lac data scientist. The probable growth of Big Data in India is because of the awareness of the benefits that insights from unstructured data can impact businesses and increase its ROI. Another fact is that India is considered a hub for outsourcing such operational efficiencies at low cost. One can see Bangalore emerging as a hub for such outsourcing capabilities.

Salary Structure on Big Data and Hadoop professionals in India

The salary structure for a trained professional in Big Data Hadoop is quite lucrative with an average start-up at 6 – 9 lac and a manager with 7-10 years getting anywhere close to 15-20 lac and in some cases above 15 years of experience drawing almost or more than a 1 crore.

Big Data and Hadoop Skills will evolve and increase with time in India

At a high-level Hadoop, a developer is a person who should enjoy programming. Also, have some prior knowledge of SQL or JAVA or any other programming or scripting language as it will increase your efficiency as a developer.

Because of all this hassle in the industry, Imarticus Learning has created CBDH (Certification in Big Data and Hadoop) program designed to ensure that you are job ready to take up assignments in Big Data Analytics using the Hadoop framework. This functional skill-building program not only equips you with essential concepts of Hadoop but also gives you the required work experience in Big Data and Hadoop through the implementation of real-life industry projects. Since the data market forecast is strong and here to stay the knowledge of Hadoop and related technology will act as a career boost in India with its growing analytics market.

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