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SAT Eligibility Criteria: What Makes You Apt for SAT Exams?


SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) enables you to enroll in the finest universities in the U.S. which will make your career flow in the direction you desire. Getting admissions in your dream colleges can be made easier with a SAT score card enclosed to your profiles. The 5-year validity of SAT score makes it even more appealing to attempt. But these sweet dreams will only be fulfilled if you know about the SAT eligibility criteria as listed below

Enrollment Criteria

Where every exam provides a standard enrollment criterion, SAT takes a different approach. To take up a SAT examination, one may need to fulfill a few norms.

Age Barriers

SAT has no bounds in age limit. However, it is ideal to appear for the exam after high school. One may start preparing for the exam in class 11, but giving the SAT examination after class 12 is considered more appropriate, as high-school education is expected.


SAT requires identification proof. A person who is taking the SAT examination must have an acceptable identity card. A student ID card, school ID form, government-issued ID card, a valid passport or a driver’s license will suffice. A person above 21 years, requires a valid passport or a national ID that has a photograph. All the identification cards should be taken to the exam center. A home-schooled candidate can download and print the student ID card from college board website.

Educational Eligibility

High school education is necessary for appearing for the SAT examination. A home-schooled candidate is also eligible to take up the exam too. A definitive percentage is not required but make sure your academic background is climbing the hill. Good grades may help you in getting an advantage over other applicants.


The test is open to candidates of all backgrounds, which is why every year more than 2 million students take up the SAT.

Meet the requirements for the above mentioned entitlements, then, put on your thinking cap, grab your master pens and set out to the nearest center to give your SAT examination. But before that, remember, eligibility will not pay unless dedication and hard work is spent on preparations. Work long and hard and get the sweet fruits you wished for!

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