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GRE Study Tips to score 330

GRE Study Tips to score 330

GRE requires persistent and tenacious preparation. It is a dry and boring exam, but then again when is an exam ever interesting and fun, right?! Although, the good thing about GRE is that you don’t need to sit down with your books and slog it out, like we do for any competitive exam in India. On the rather contrary, it requires a continuous and subtle study process. The plus points to the GRE is that not only is it easier to score than any competitive exam you’ll ever face in India at the graduate level; it is also much less competitive.

GRE Study Tips

One of the primary queries for any one beginning their preparation for the GRE is the word list. I did the Princeton review material and the Kaplan frequent words but I didn’t remember all of them even on the day of my exam. The first section of verbal was insanely easy, and all the words were from the frequent word lists. The second verbal section though was extremely tough. I had never heard of some of the words. However, since I had done well in the first section (I’m assuming so because I had an incredibly tough second verbal section) my overall verbal score was good.

GRE Study Tips for the Verbal Section:

• There is absolutely no point in mugging up 3500 words when chances are that you might not get any one of them. Do around 700-1000 words from the frequent word lists that you can easily find online. It is more than enough.

• When you have fifteen days left, practice 2 RC’s every day. Familiarize yourself with the line of thought required to answer most of the GRE RC’s. They are quite direct, and the answer is present within the RC. A little bit of practice and you can make this your strong suit.

• If you are aiming for 160+ in verbal, Norman Lewis’ word power made easy was suggested to me by many of my seniors. However, I personally didn’t go through the book, as I didn’t have much time.

GRE Study Tips for Quant Section:

As most of the GRE test takers from India are from Engineering or Economics backgrounds, the quant section is not much of a challenge. However, taking this section lightly can prove to be fatal for any one of us, as considering the deductive and empirical nature of our majors, we are expected to score well in this section.

If you are aiming for a top 20 college, anything north of 165 would suffice, however, a 170 would be a cherry on top of your most probable stellar application. However, If you struggle with the quant section, there is no need to worry. GRE doesn’t require amazing mathematical techniques or skills. They can be learnt or put into use. Practice is the only key to success.

Practice. Practice. Practice. That is the only way you can familiarize yourself with the kind of questions asked in the GRE and this is the main GRE Study Tip.

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