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PNP is a key to fast-track Canada PR

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Provincial Nomination Program is a key fast-track Canada PR option for aspiring overseas immigrants. Many territories and provinces in Canada are able to nominate migrants through the PNPs. The migrants are required to possess work experience, education, and skills to contribute to the economy of the province or territory. They must also plan to settle there.

Every territory and province in Canada has their specific streams. These immigration programs target specific immigrant groups. Each PNP also has its own criterions, as quoted by the Canada CA. For instance, a PNP stream may target skilled workers, business people, or students.

Each of these Immigration categories has their own distinct criteria both federally for the first three programs and provincially or territorially for the PNP programs.

The provinces and territories in Canada that participate in the PNPs sign treaties with IRCC. This authorizes them to choose immigrants based on certain criterions that they have specified.

The steps to obtain Canada PR through a PNP are:

  • Apply to a territory or province for a nomination

  • Obtain nomination from that territory or province

  • Apply with IRCC for the Canada PR

You must create and complete a profile in the Express entry for a PNP that is aligned with the Express entry. You must also demonstrate that you satisfy the required criterions for Express entry. Governments of provinces and territories in Canada are using these programs to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of selection of immigrants.

Every PNP is customized to the specific needs of the territory or province for selection of immigrants. The prospective immigrants must be able to work and settle in the regions and contribute successfully to the community.

From 2015 onwards, the majority of the PNPs have minimum one immigration stream associated with the federal Express entry system. These are also called as enhanced nominations.

Below are the provinces and territories that nominate immigrants through PNPs:

  • Ontario

  • Prince Edward Island

  • Saskatchewan

  • Alberta

  • British Columbia

  • Manitoba

  • Nova Scotia

  • Yukon

  • New Brunswick

  • Newfoundland and Labrador

Additional CRS points are also now provided for applicants with siblings in Canada. You will receive an additional 15 points for demonstrating that you have a brother or sister in Canada who is either a permanent resident or citizen that is 18 years or older.

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