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The Canada S-1 Visa for overseas students


Canada S-1 Visa for overseas students is a kind of Temporary Resident Visas also known as TRVs. The TRVs are required by certain nationals who intend to live in Canada provisionally for purposes of studies. The application for TRVs can be furnished along with the application for Canada Study Permit.

Immigration and Citizenship Canada offers code for TRVs depending on the purpose of arrival to Canada or in some cases based on the kind of passports. Below is a list of different TRVs for a better understanding:

  • Canada V-1: Visitor visa allowing usual tourist entrance

  • Canada S-1: Student Visa

  • Canada SW-1: Student visa with a Work Permit

  • Canada SX-1: Student excused from the condition to acquire a study permit

Overseas students are allowed to work either off campus or on campus in Canada through the Canada S-1 Visa. A valid Study Permit will authorize 20 hours of a part-time job during semesters. During the vacation period, full time job will be permitted, as quoted by the CIC News.

It is advisable that an aspiring overseas student applies for the Canada Student Visa immediately upon the receipt of the letter of acceptance from a university in Canada. Processing times for visas are diverse depending upon the nationality. It is always good to be prepared ahead of deadlines so as to avoid unavoidable issues.

The documents required for Canada Student Visa are:

  • Duly signed and completed application form

  • The original acceptance letter from the university in Canada

  • A valid travel document/passport that also authorizes return journey to the home nation

  • 2 latest photographs of passport size with the date of birth and name on the reverse side

  • Evidence of sufficient funds to cater to the stay in Canada

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