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Welcome to the Data Warehouse Appliance

IBM Netezza has created “Thinking Inside the Box” to share our staff’s data warehouse expertise, knowledge and experience with the data warehouse community. We hope you find our content hub valuable and educational. We also hope you’ll participate in the conversation, allowing us to learn as much about your perspectives on data warehousing as you learn from ours.

IBM Netezza’s high-performance data warehouse appliances are purpose-built to make advanced analytics on data simpler, faster and more accessible.

The IBM Netezza family of data warehouse appliances is:

  • Purpose-built - These data warehouse appliances are designed specifically for running complex analytics on very large data volumes, orders of magnitude faster than competing solutions.

  • Simple to maintain - IBM Netezza appliance architecturally integrates database, server and storage into a single, easy to manage system that requires little on-going maintenance.

  • Simple to deploy – as a purpose-built, true appliance, the IBM Netezza appliance comes pre-tuned with the optimal architecture for advanced analytics, making it ready to go, right out of the box.

  • Simple to try – Our open proof of concept program, the IBM Netezza Testdrive, makes it easy to experience our high-performance data warehouse appliances on-site, with real data.

  • Unmatched in value – with quick and easy deployment and minimal on-going maintenance, the IBM Netezza appliance features one of the industry’s fastest times-to-value and lowest total costs of ownership.

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