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How to write a killer SOP ?

What Is A Statement Of Purpose (SOP)?

A SOP is a personal letter of recommendation issued by you in your favor about you. It follows the motto of “for the people, by the people, of the people” with a minor amendment in the subject part of the phrase – you don’t have to involve people.

You’re to describe your goals, your desires, your hopes, how you became the person you are currently and what you aspire to be in an upbeat, interesting manner. Nobody likes a know-it-all stating statistics and naked facts.

What Should A Statement Of Purpose Contain?

Well, containing things is a broad topic, and quite abstract, to be frank. Containment can have many meanings.

To get a foreign education loan, your briefcase will need to contain so many documents required for education loan. Hold on, did we get off topic?

If so, we gave you an accurate example of the grave error most students get accused of committing while composing their statements of purpose.

To help you slam this task as if it was a child’s play, we’ve bulleted the exact points you must stress on:

  • The student’s background – you’ll need to go back to your roots!

  • Academics and professional experience have helped you a long way; go on brag about your beautiful mind.

  • Extracurricular activities; all work and no play makes you a dull creep.

  • Your urgent and future dreams and how you think that the particular institution will give you a much-required push towards it.

  • Why do you think you’re special? How To Write A Stunning Statement Of Purpose? The first 50-100 words are most essential and play a crucial role in helping admission officials form an opinion about you. You need to use these few words to impact how they think of you.

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