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How long will it take to process my Canada Visa application?


Canada visa application processing times are tough to be predicted and depend upon the type of application that has been submitted. The number of applications that are currently being processed will also influence the processing times. Processing times also vary based on the number of applications that are received and can alter while your application is being processed.

While calculating the time that will be taken for receiving a provisional visa, you must also add 10 days of transit time apart from the actual Canada Visa Application processing times. The time taken by your application to travel to and from IRCC will be diverse based on the nation of your residence, as quoted by the CIC GC CA.

Below are certain factors that will influence your Canada visa application processing times:

Nation of residence :

A few of the Canada visa application processing times for IRCC are influenced by the nation of residence of the applicant. Currently, applications travel across the international network of visa offices to enhance the efficiency of processing. Thus, your application for visa need not be necessarily processed at the nearest visa office. It can instead be processed at an office that is best suited for efficient processing of your application.

Kind of application :

The processing times for different categories of visas are also diverse. The number of candidates being processed in a particular kind of application will also affect the processing times. It may take longer to process the application if the program receives a greater number of applications than anticipated.

Completeness :

IRCC can request for additional information or can even reject the applicant categorically if the application is incomplete. If additional information is sought, this will significantly delay the processing times.

Canada has more than 60 Immigration Programs that offer visas to aspiring and qualified overseas nationals. Thus, every individual’s pathway to Canada immigration will be unique. The appropriate Canadian immigration program for you will depend on your specific circumstances, goals, and qualities.

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