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What are your rights as an overseas student in the US?

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As an overseas student in the US, you have the right to remain silent if you do not intend to speak to an immigration or police officer. You can just say that you have this right and would like to exercise it. On the other hand, some US states require that you must reveal your name, according to ACLU.

An Overseas Student in the US also has the right to deny consent for having himself, accommodation or care searched. The only exception is if the officer has a warrant or reason to consider that you have defied the law, as quoted by the Study International.

In case you are not under arrest, you have the right to vacate the place. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you do this calmly and after intimating the officer your reason for doing this.

In case you are under arrest, you need to stay back and heed instructions from the officers. Bear in mind that even then you have the right to an attorney and can immediately ask for one.

If you are arrested ask the lawyer once you have him that what impact a criminal conviction or plea will have on your Immigration Status. Ensure to not to discuss your immigration status with anybody apart from your attorney.

Irrespective of your nationality or immigration status, you are entitled to these rights as an overseas student. Ensure to exercise them.

If in case you face any difficulty with an immigration officer and are asked to sign anything, do not consent unless you consult an attorney. If you feel that you were denied the rights or the encounter was handled in a wrong way, you can file a complaint.

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