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How to score better in multiple choice questions in PTE Exam

Multiple choice questions in PTE exam can be considered as the easiest or the toughest sub section, depending upon how an aspirant takes it. While evaluating our mock tests the experts often found that a large number of aspirants were unable to give the right answer, mainly due to confusion among two coherent answers.

With a detailed analysis and evaluation of answers given by aspirants, our experts have come up with simple, easy, yet effective tips that can help you score better in all sections of multiple choice. Before beginning it is very important to understand that the multiple choice questions in the PTE exam are basically aimed at evaluating an aspirant’s ability to read academic written English. In this light it is very important to understand that we need to ensure that we have a firm grip on reading a given sentence, paragraph or written English.With that being kept in mind, lets have a look at the various sections of multiple choice questions and how you can improve it.


  • With the start of the section, quickly take a look at the question and then look at the text, doing so will help you focus on the answer you are looking for.

  • Skim the written academic text, while visualizing the meaning of the sentences so that you are able to quickly understand the written text.

  • Read the available options carefully while at the same time looking for a probable and most effective correlation with the written academic text.

  • Narrow out the options, by removing the option which absolutely seem wrong, doing so will narrow your options as well as search for the right answers.

  • Do not leave the question, in case you are not able to find the answer, read the academic text again and go with the answer that seems most co-related.

  • Incase you are looking for an effective time management, do not spend more than 1.5 mins on the question.


  • Although a bit easy than the single answer question, along with a good chance to score, choose multiple answers are often found to be tricky as well as challenging.

  • Unlike single answer, make sure that you read the question very carefully along with the answers.

  • Give some extra attention to nouns, adjectives as well as the words that have been used too often or repeated.

  • In case you are not able to find the exact answer, narrow your search by eliminating the options that have least co relation.

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