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Brexit impact on UK overseas students uncertain

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The impact of Brexit on UK Overseas Students is uncertain as of now. The UK has been treating the students from all around the European Union as domestic students allowing them easy admissions and lower fees. The Brexit might have an undesirable effect on the international students from all around the EU. The proceedings of the UK exiting the European Union have been going on but the exact time period and the regulatory effects of the same have not been clarified yet.

As we know that several negotiations and proceedings are still undergoing between the UK and the European Union, several things are yet not clear and there are a number of possibilities about what could happen.

However, the opposite might also happen and the students from all around the European Union might gain the status of an International student. This would lead to their status changing the same as of the students from outside the European Union. The students would have to pay the higher tuition fees, same as other overseas students. It would also mean a limited access to the students from across the European Union.

Moreover, the students from the European Union might even have to apply for a student visa, which is not required currently.

Some of the universities have been assuring that the students who enroll before the official Brexit would not have any effect on their international status; however, these guarantees may not apply to any kind of change in visa regulations. Moreover, you must keep an eye on the official dates of proceedings of Brexit and act accordingly.

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