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Australian Universities will continue to accept more Overseas Students

overseas Students

Australian Universities will continue to accept more Overseas Students even as these are arriving in record numbers to Australia. This is because overseas students love the Land Down under. Their numbers at higher education institutions are on the rise for years now. This is owing to the welcoming approach of the Australian universities towards them.

1 out of 4 students at the University of New South Wales in Australia is an overseas student. The University of Melbourne and the University of Queensland have no plans to cap their overseas students’ enrolments.

External Engagement Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Queensland Rongyu Li elaborated the policy in a statement. He said that there are no plans to cap the numbers of overseas students at current levels. However, we are working towards enhanced diversification of source nations. It also includes associated new academic and discipline offerings, added Li, as quoted by the Study International.

University of Melbourne Spokesperson said that there is huge demand from overseas students. The trend of enhanced inclination towards world-class degrees of the University remains intact, added the Spokesperson. It is anticipated by UM that this high demand from overseas students will continue in the future as well.

Similar to ANU, even UNSW has planned to retain the numbers. It is anticipated that other Australian Universities may also follow the trend. These include the University of Adelaide, University of Sydney, and the University of Western Australia.

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