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Documents that you will need for Canada Student Visa

Canada has been one of the preferred destinations for Indians seeking to study abroad. In order to study in Canada, you must obtain a Canada Student Visa for the duration of your stay.

Before you apply for a Study Permit, you would need the following:

  • Acceptance Letter: You would need an acceptance letter from the Designated Learning Institute(DLI) that you are planning to attend. A Designated Learning Institute is a University/Institute that is recognized by the Immigration Department.

  • Passport: You should have a passport whose validity covers the period of your intended stay in Canada

  • Proof of funds: You should have enough funds to cover your tuition fee as well as living expenses.In case you have an accompanying spouse and/or kids you would need funds for their living expenses as well.

  • Photographs: You would need passport size photographs that conform to the given standards at the time of submission of the Visa application

  • Medical Examination: You would need to prove that you are in good health and hence would need to complete a medical examination

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): An SOP is an essay stating the purpose of your trip to Canada and why you have chosen the particular institute. This would need to be submitted at the time of Visa application.

  • English Language Proficiency Exam Scores: You would need to have a valid IELTS scorecard at the time of submitting your Visa application

  • Police Clearance Certificate: You would need to provide a police clearance certificate. This is to prove that you have no criminal cases against you and hence pose no risk to Canada’s security.

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