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Best Time To Take The GRE Exam

GRE takes place round the year. It is not like any other exam where the dates will be announced in the newspaper or any official website. There's no best time to take the GRE; anytime you feel you are in a position to go and take your best shot, GO FOR IT.

Generally, engineering students planning for the Fall intake prefer to take GRE in their third year in March or in their final year in August. No superstitious connections but some logical reason behind it. GRE is an exam which requires you to be tension-free and relaxed. Most engineers remain free during these two months as they aren’t occupied with any work like exams, submissions, etc. There are a few advantages of choosing March over August.

March is the most favored month to take GRE:

  1. March is the ideal time to take GRE because you get one more chance to take the exam in August if suppose you don’t score well in the March attempt.

  2. Giving GRE in March won’t clash your deadlines with final year project, placements (some companies do come in August-September) and most importantly you get more time for your Application Process for USA.

  3. You can take TOEFL without any pressure, if your GRE is over in March.

  4. If you're planning to appear for MBA entrance exams as well, you get sufficient time.

  5. You might have to bunk a lot of lectures for the GRE preparation. This can seriously affect recommendations from your teachers as attendance is the prime parameter. Giving the exam in August leaves you with very less time to ‘butter’ them and make things turn your way.

Problems with choosing a date..

Often, the slots are already full and you don’t get your desired date. So, book your date well in advance. Some prefer to wait till the last minute, and once they are confident about their preparation, they start searching for the nearest available date. This can be a problem as you might not get a single date and have to wait for a long time which in turn affects your preparation leading to a BAD day.

Note: Please choose your date wisely and carefully. Although you're allowed to postpone the date, you will only be making the ETS richer by $50 or an additional $190 if you reschedule it within 3 days of the exam.

Should I choose end of the month as my GRE day as questions will be repeated?

It’s a big misconception amongst a lot of students. Questions don’t repeat at all and even if they do, they repeat in the quant section with a maximum of only one or two questions, which anyway are extremely simple to solve or you must have already solved.

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