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Comparison between GRE Verbal and GMAT Verbal:

The GRE verbal is largely concerned with the in-context usage of the vocabulary and might be harder to solve if one doesn’t know or understand English words. On the other hand, the GMAT verbal involves an understanding of the in-sentence grammar usage.

If you struggle with the understanding of GRE vocabulary, then it might be difficult for you. Although, with enough practice, one can master the art of solving verbal questions quickly and accurately.

Comparison between GRE Quant and GMAT Quant:

The GMAT Quant is more difficult than the GRE Quant and if you have been away from your basic math subjects for a while, then you might find it difficult to tackle, at least in the initial phase of preparation.

If you are strong in your math skills, then the GRE quant will be easier for you. Again I emphasize, nothing is difficult, if you are ready to put in efforts consistently.

Comparison between GRE Analytical and GMAT Analytical :

The GRE consists of 2 sections for the Analytical Assessment: Issue and Argument. On the other hand, GMAT Analytical Assessment consists of only one: Argument. If essays are something that you are afraid of, then the GMAT has an advantage.

Difference between GRE and GMAT in terms of adaptivity :

The GRE is a section-wise adaptive exam in the sense that the difficulty of the second section of verbal and quantitative depends on the performance in their respective first sections. The first section is generally, of a medium level and consists of easy, medium and difficult questions. If you perform good/bad in the first section, depending on it, the second section will be difficult/easy for you, respectively.

On the other hand, the GMAT is within-section adaptive. As questions are answered correctly, the computer presents you with increasingly difficult questions and as questions are answered incorrectly the computer presents the test taker with questions of decreasing difficulty.

Now, should I take GRE or GMAT?

If you have decided to go to a science school, then you have to give the GRE. But, if you want to go to business school, then check out whether the colleges you intend apply to accept GRE scores. Let’s suppose you wish to apply to 8 colleges out which only 3 accept GRE scores and rest accept GMAT. Then, you would be better off giving the GMAT. On the other hand, if all accept the GRE scores, then decide between the two based on your comfortability with the exams. It would be beneficial to take a practice test for both( available on their official websites ) and choose the one in which you score well considering your graduate school expectations. Even then if you are unsure about it, then prepare for both the exams for a week or so, and then go for the one which you feel easy.

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