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What is the Ivy League?

Almost every student planning to pursue MS from USA thinks about Ivy league and it is almost a far feteched dream for one to even think of getting into any of them. But what is Ivy league exactly? Here is a short article for those who are uninitiated..

Ivy league is the group of eight most prestigious and oldest universities in the United states. This group was created based upon their common interests. These are also famous for their contribution in sports industry. Members of Ivy league are as follows:

  1. Brown University

  2. Columbia University

  3. Cornell University

  4. Dartmouth University

  5. Harvard University

  6. Princeton University

  7. University of Pennsylvania

  8. Yale University Why is Ivy league so famous?

The major reasons why Ivy league Universities are high on popularity are:

  • Reputation: These are the oldest schools in the US, so have taken more time to build up their reputation than any other school in states.

  • Academic excellence: Ivy league provides best academic guidance. There is just no debate about it. Almost every course in these Universities will have the best talent in terms of professors, research scholars and students alike.

  • Large alunmi network: Being the oldest schools, they have large alumni network which can offer good mentors and if required, good job opportunities also.

Though all eight schools are best in academics and sports, they are famous for different majors. According to the survey, Economics is the most popular course in six schools whereas in Cornell and UPenn it is engineering and finance respectively.

1) Brown University -Economics, Computer Science, Biology

2) Colombia University -Economics, Political Science, Psychology

3) Cornell University -Engineering, Business Management and Marketing, Biological and Biomedical Science

4) Dartmouth University -Economics, Government, History

5) Harvard University -Economics, Government, Computer Science

6) Princeton University -Economics, Policy Making Analysis and Evaluation, Computer Science

7) University of Pennsylvania -Finance, Economics, Nursing

8) Yale University -Economics, Political Science, History

Factors to be considered before applying to Ivy league:

  1. Ivy league has very low acceptance rate compared to other colleges.

  2. One must have exceptional transcripts and high test scores. Even this might not suffice and these Universities look for exceptional students who have demonstrated their ability in much than just academics – sports, volunteering etc.

  3. Though they are famous for academic excellence, one must check whether they fit in his or her area of interest. For example, while an MBA makes complete sense at Harvard, a MIT admit for engineering will any day be a better deal than an engineering degree at Harvard.

  4. Another point is finance, as compared to other reputed colleges like UT Austin, TAMU, NEU; Ivy league has more tuition and fees. Expected average tuition and fees for Ivy league for 2018 is around 49631 USD. Brown University-Expected Tuition Fees 51,366 Colombia University- Expected Tuition Fees 49.973 Cornell University -Expected Tuition Fees 50,953 Dartmouth University -Expected Tuition Fees 51433 Harvard University - Expected Tuition Fees 47,074 Princeton University -Expected Tuition Fees 45,300 University of Pennsylvania -Expected Tuition Fees 51,454 Yale University -Expected Tuition Fees 49,430 Applying to Ivy league and getting admitted in any one of them is the way of success due to many reasons but there is no point in applying there just because you have heard these names. One must think about these factors also before applying to Ivy league universities blindly.

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