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List of Universities that accept GRE 290-300 score.

The day of your GRE is here. You are well prepared. You know you will do very well. You come across a few tough questions but you are confident you will score a 310+. You hit the FINISH button and wait for your result. The time between hitting the FINISH button and the appearance of your result on the screen seems to stretch over a century. Finally you see the score you have been so anxious about and you feel your brain freeze. It is a 295. How could I even get such a score? You wonder. You are disheartened and decide on giving GRE another shot.

You give some mock exams on ETS and realize you are scoring around 290-300 and see no point of giving the exam again. You give up on it. But there is no need for you to give up on your dream to study in the US. There are several universities which accept students with scores between 290-300. As we know, all universities in the US boast well educated faculty and excellent research facilities. They may not be a Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Harvard School, but they will support excellent infrastructure, faculty and a variety of programs. Here is a list of some Universities which accept students with a GRE score ranging from 290-300 :

*Northwest Missouri State University-Lamar University *Illinois State University, Normal-University of Louisville *Texas A & M University, Commerce-Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs *Boise State university, Idaho-Montana State University, Bozeman

*South Dakota School of Mines & technology-North Carolina Agricultural & Tech State University *Southern Illinois University, Carbondale-Florida International university *North Dakota State University-Western Kentucky University *Bradley University-Cleveland State University *University of Bridgeport –CT-University of Dayton –Ohio

*Texas A & M university, Kingsville-University of West Florida, Pensacola *Suffolk University, MAU-university of North Carolina, Greensboro *New Mexico Institute of Mining &Tech.-University of Central Arkansas These universities offer Master’s programs like:Computer science/ Engineering Electrical Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering (with specializations in Telecommunication, networks, embedded systems etc.)Chemical Engineering Materials Science and Engineering Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Management in Information Systems Industrial Engineering Engineering Management Business Analytics Financial Engineering Biomedical Engineering Pharmacology Physiotherapy Physics Chemistry Biology/ biotechnology And so on..You must ensure an above average aggregate/CGPA and a good TOEFL score to support your credentials. Getting involved in good projects, writing and publishing technical papers in your Undergraduate program or work place can also earn you brownie points. A good set of Recommendation Letters and an excellent Statement of Purpose will help boost your profile. Even though universities mention a GRE score range for acceptance, do not shy away from applying to a couple of your dream universities too. If you are looking to work or study in the US, Get in touch with ADMIVO, a company of repute for Admissions Consulting and Employment services. A Guaranteed preparation in town. Delivered Successful results. University Counseling | Internship | VISA | Analytics | GRE | GMAT | TOEFL | IELTS | SAT | PTE | BIG DATA | HORTONWORKS PREPARATION 999-360-0076

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