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TOEFL FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About The TOEFL

Q. What should be the ideal score for TOEFL? A. Ideally, you should score 100 or above, but a score of 79 is a must, failing which you will have to repeat it.

Q. How do I register for it? A. You can register online or by phone or by mail. The detailed information about registering for the TOEFL can be found at

Q. What is the cost of the exam? A. The cost of taking the TOEFL exam is 190 US Dollars, although it may vary depending on the country. It is best to have a look at the Official TOEFL Website for accurate results.

Q. Should I repeat TOEFL, if I get less than 80? A. Yes, you should repeat TOEFL. Generally universities want a toefl score of +79 but some ask for 100. You might want to identify your universities and their score preferences before you take the exam.

Q. Is TOEFL necessary during the time of application? A. It’s good if you have already finished your TOEFL exam. TOEFL score matters at the time of VISA and Teaching Assistant-ship. While filling the forms, they often ask you when you plan to take the TOEFL.

Q. How long is the TOEFL score valid? A. The score is valid for two years.

Q. How do I report my scores? A. You have to send your score officially through ETS which will cost you USD 17.

Q. How soon I get my scores? A. You get your scores online within 2 weeks.

Q. Which other exam I can take, if not TOEFL? A. You can appear for IELTS, if not TOEFL

Q. Do universities consider photocopies of the GRE scorecard? Do I have to send scores through ETS? A. No. Photocopies are not accepted. You have to send your scores only through ETS. If you are looking to work or study in the US, Get in touch with ADMIVO, a company of repute for Admissions Consulting and Employment services. A Guaranteed preparation in town. Delivered Successful results. University Counseling | Internship | VISA | Analytics | GRE | GMAT | TOEFL | IELTS | SAT | PTE | BIG DATA | HORTONWORKS PREPARATION 999-360-0076

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