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MBA in India vs MS in US

Eenie, meeny, miny, moe…MBA or MS for which one should I go? I’m sure this is your situation in such a choice right now. Eventually the pressure boils down to this question after 4th year of engineering, right? This question’s answer is not very simple to evaluate. A lot of factors come into play, like finances, career aspirations, knowledge quotient, aptitude and patience to study. This article examines various scenarios wherein we compare MS and an MBA after an undergraduate engineering degree. You might find your answers here. India has approximately 214 engineers per million people and more than 70% of MBA aspirants studying in top business schools in India are engineers. This was a good fact for you to even consider MBA or MS in first place.

So the answer to your question is simply based on your aspiration. First you need to decide what you want from your life. If you wish to focus on engineering as your core passion and work in an engineering-related sector or conduct research in engineering or take up teaching engineering as a career, then MS is a perfect choice for you. If you eat, sleep and repeat engineering then like a horse-eye patch just simply concentrate on MS. Now, you must be thinking whether you should do it in India or abroad, then read further more.

If you are planning to study for an MBA degree then most US/UK institutions demand that you have prior work-experience of at least two to three years. It is in this case-scenario that the Engineering + 2 to 3 years of work and then the MBA makes sense, phew! The gap between Indian and foreign institutions is thinning. As far as engineering research and facilities go, unfortunately Indian institutions are yet to catch up with their UK/US counterparts. This is the primary reason why the so-called ‘brain-drain’ continues and intelligent students keep migrating abroad in search of better facilities and resources. So, its nothing but about the equipment and facilities which lack in Indian institutions.

So now that you know the difference in two then eventually your final decision is a collaboration of your aspiration and your parent's taunts, just kidding! Well, it’s not so difficult to choose one amongst the two. All you need to know is whether you are an analytically and technically bent person or you have entrepreneurial and managerial skills. If you are analytical and technical then you are more suited for MS but if you are good at management then MBA is your field and don’t look anything beside it. Eventually let your goals, ambitions and necessities choose your higher education degree. Do not opt for a course to just be part of a ‘herd’. Remember each course has its benefits and the world needs all kinds of people from actors to managing directors. To conclude I would like to say that the word “Success” in real life comes only in good decisions and in dictionary. If you are looking to work or study in the US, Get in touch with ADMIVO, a company of repute for Admissions Consulting and Employment services. A Guaranteed preparation in town. Delivered Successful results. University Counseling | Internship | VISA | Analytics | GRE | GMAT | TOEFL | IELTS | SAT | PTE | BIG DATA | HORTONWORKS PREPARATION 999-360-0076

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