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UK – One Of The Top Places To Study Entrepreneurship Courses

Entrepreneurship degrees deal with studying the tools to take up a business idea/concept, offer the resources to turn it into reality and make that idea a viable product or service. Focusing on new business models, entrepreneurs ensure and manage innovations and often times take risks in accomplishing their business plan.

The UK is a top destination for international students who wish to study business, and in 2017 more business schools than ever are now focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. Universities are preparing these new entrepreneurs to not only make a significant contribution to the local economy but also start a business after graduation and offer employment to local residents.

The UK is among the top ten global destinations to start, grow, and run a business (Global Entrepreneurship Index 2017) and the UK’s business-friendly regulations, skilled workforce and Tier-1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa for international students makes it an attractive proposition.

Top business schools such as Said Business School, Judge Business School or Imperial Business School place a special emphasis on digital technology and entrepreneurship Top Business School in UK

Tier-1 (Graduate Entrepreneur Visa) The Tier-1 (Graduate Entrepreneur Visa) allows students to stay in the UK for a year after graduation if they have a credible business plan which is approved by their university. The visa can be further extended by showing satisfactory progress. After completing your time on the Graduate Entrepreneur visa, you will be eligible to switch to Tier 1 Entrepreneur with reduced investment funds of £50,000. A Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is initially valid for 3 years and 4 months with the possibility of further renewal subject to meeting extension requirements. Learn more about universities that can sponsor a Tier-1(Graduate Entrepreneur Visa). Top UK Universities for Entrepreneurs Top MBAs for Entrepreneurs​

  • Birmingham Business School

  • London Business School

  • Said Business School

Top 5 UK Entrepreneurship Programmes 2017 – Programmes – Universities

  • MSc Entrepreneurship & International Business – Aston University

  • PG Diploma in Entrepreneurship – University of Cambridge

  • MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – University of Warwick

  • International Business & Entrepreneurship – University of Glasgow

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