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University Of The Week – Dublin Institute Of Technology

Dublin Institute Of Technology Ireland is known for its esteemed academic institutions for students across the world. One of the widely sought after educational campuses in the nation is The Dublin Institute Of Technology. It aims at providing world-class education to all its students booth national and international that come from across the globe. Salient Features Of The Dublin Institute of Technology The following are some of the salient features of The Dublin Institute of Technology

  1. The Dublin Institute of Technology is the largest public funded campus that awards PHD degrees to its students in Ireland

  2. It focuses on leadership development of graduates both nationally and internationally.

  3. Dublin Institute of Technology provides 150 programs to its students at The Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels. These programs cover Business, Tourism, Engineering, Sciences & Health and Tourism.

  4. You get the opportunity to study with students from more than 85 nations in the world. This means you are exposed to a multi-cultural environment in the Capital city of Ireland, Dublin.

  5. Dublin Institute of Technology nurtures the core mission to focus on student centric learning, rigorous academic processes of self-discovery, critical enquiry and useful knowledge.

This educational institute has a unique and distinctive approach to learning and teaching. The campus also supports diversity and entrepreneurship. The focus of this academic institute is towards quality and it practices learning based on research on real-life issues. It also provides internships in the industry and students are able to enjoy a very close working relationship with academic faculty and fellow batch-mates. The research activities of the Institute is intensely based on problem solving, technological and social development, small class sizes and innovation that helps in the progress of human knowledge that impacts the economy and society. The following YouTube link will give you an insight into life as a student at The Dublin Institute of Technology:

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