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GRE Prepration Tips

ETS GRE !! You know that recently many of you were expecting good scores but somehow you couldn't managed to do so !! I'll let you know one speculation around JUNE the average scores for GRE was reaching around 310 and It shouldn't be supposed to go that high. A score of 300 is something around which ETS wants the scores to be averaged at. Have you ever wondered you pay freakin 205$ for a confidential exam where the only thing you come to know is result. Too many clues for you wanna be Sherlocks try figuring out. SO Let's take up few questionnaires here :

1. Should I retake GRE or NOT ? It's subjective question So if you think you were not upto the mark in your first attempt and can make a jump of atleast 5 points so then I would suggest you to retake it. But when These 5 points will be fruitful? When you jump from 308 to 313 or 317 to 322. A jump from 311 to 316 will not be that effective because your options remains same . Instead try paying attention on your SOP and applying earlier.

2. I have a 15 days or so left to take up my GRE ? OKAY. SO first question I would ask you how many mocks have you given till yet ? Because in our research for GRE scoring pattern anything less than 10-15 mocks will not endure you for exam. GRE IS AN ENDURANCE EXAM AS WELL and not a sole aptitude test. The whole world takes a 3 hour test so why GRE is for 4 hours and that too AWA is kept ahead when it doesn't have too much to play a role on. SO GIVE AS MANY AS MOCKS possible and there is now shortcut for this !! AND DON'T you think of skipping AWA's. And I gave you a puzzle in the beginning so ETS Powerprep hasn't been changed as per recent standards of GRE so it is possible that you may get lower or higher score at exam then what you got here so never get at ease if you even score 320+ in them you may land up between 310s or 330s too. Same is for 310s or any range . ALSO SEE question 3 and 4.

3.What Helping Material is required ? MAGOOSH - It's the BEST !! AND will endure you for stormy days instead of blossom questions you feel doing good in other material.USE VOCAB flashcards and builder apps as well. - USE the GRE word list provided here. And why this is helpful because it let's you understand HOW a word is used apart from ROTE learning vocab. PLUS ETS don't tell you where it excerpts come from but It's from TOP News Papers like NYTimes, Washington Posts etc. and will be using such excerpts. Try reaching a score of 1-3 million. NOVA MATH BIBLE- It's called bible for a reason and justifies it. So if your quant is weak try using this book. It will help you out. NOTE DOWN EVERY CONCEPT. SPEED READING APPS- I know you mumble everything in your mind while reading that RC. And this is what slows you down in intercepting the meaning . Download such apps and make sure you get yourself comfortable at 400 wpm. MISTAKES BOOK - You haven't heard about it . Because you are going to write it. Jot down every mistake you do, write the concept and make sure never to repeat it again. If you still have guts left MANHATTAN AND 1014 will be appreciated as well.

4. How to endure myself for the paper since a week or so is left for the D-DAY ? We work on psychological hacks NOW !! Since there is not too much time left to practice. A. SET your BIO Clock. If you are a night rider and think you can do well in an exam at 8 AM. You are going to battle a lot on paper day. Either choose a slot you're comfortable with. B. DO LOOK ON ACUPUNCTURE POINTS to control nature's call !! Carry a Jacket as well. C. Always use pencil while practicing and try doing studies over computer because the strain level is different on paper's case which doesn't drains you that much and you are habitual of it as well. D. 10 mins break is your revitalizing duration make sure you use to the best. Have some Chocolates and REDBULL is preferred but only half can because by NOW your Body will start to reciprocate to stress. E. NEVER PANIC. It's just an exam which you can give n number of times. SO instead go in there cool minded , take in deep breaths and crack those questions. And if AWA didn't went well then also no issues it's hardly a criteria. F. IF you have inclination for NICOTINE do take your drags before exam.

I tried covering up up few questions . Sorry the length was way too much. But needed to take up things for everyone. I hope this will help you guys out. And DISCIPLINE is a must. If you think GRE is easy way out than giving CAT or maybe GATE. You're wrong this exam also needs an equal attention but for less duration. Not really enjoying boring Verbal | Quant Lectures for GRE on White board ? Let us give you a happening | Creative | LED based Unique GRE exam prep with weekly #gaming activities. Join Admivo for guaranteed results. 9993331076

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