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What’s so great about Australia anyway?

The beach country is globally ranked number three as a go-to destination for international students. According to U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems, it is ranked number nine in the world for higher education. Apart from the academic seriousness, Aussie lifestyle is filled with more than 10,000 sunshine drenched beaches, some of the largest arts and culture festivals, sports (cricket), diverse cuisine and 2,000 varieties of wine and wildlife, which cannot be found anywhere else on the face of the planet.

Although Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, it only has a population of 24 million. The Aussie attitude is generally laid back and the people there usually hold very little stress. It has become extremely multicultural, with interesting opportunities for knowledge and cultural exchange. Australians are also known to be quite friendly, so don’t panic if you get a couple of g’days from the strangers on your walk to the grocery store. The crime rate is also low compared to countries like the US and regions of Europe, so much for living in a land down under.

All of this summed up together makes Australia a pretty great place to study. Getting to know the prerequisites to have in place for obtaining a student visa, living and code of conduct is important for your study abroad decision in Australia.

We at The Student Housing Company have carefully created a guide to help you through this process of obtaining an Australian student visa and getting around thereafter.


An Australian student visa allows you to stay for 5 years within Australia in order for you to study at an educational institute of your choice. This visa is under the category subclass 500.

A student visa also allows you to work for 40 hours per fortnight, and full time when you are on break from university. It can be pretty handy to work part-time in order to cut costs, earn extra income and support your lifestyle during your tenure as a student. The weekends need to be something you look forward to.

The time period(s) and work authorisation(s) differ depending on your enrolment and requirement.

The national minimum wage rate is $18.29 per hour or $694.90 per 38 hour week. Popular jobs that students seek include waiting/tending in cafes or bars, retail assistance in departmental stores or supermarkets, tutoring, sales and telemarketing.

Visa application and fees-

The Australian visa fees have increased from July 2017 ? There are also certain mandates you will have to fulfill in order to apply without hiccups for the Student Visa (subclass 500).

Confirmation of placement/enrolment. You will have to be offered a place for full time study in one of the institutions of Australia. A proof of this is either maintained by provision of a ‘Confirmation of Enrollment’ (COE) or ‘Letter of Offer’ from the educational institute.

These documents are provided only to academic courses that fall under CRICOS framework, (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students).

Financial security and assurance -

An evidence of ability to cover tuition fees, living costs and travel expenses is a more appropriate phrasing of showing financial capacity for your stay in Australia as a student. Believe us, going broke isn’t hugely enjoyable in Australia ?

The amount of finance which would suffice as eligibility criteria usually depends on the duration of your course study. Other factors which would influence this criteria would be your passport’s country and your choice of educational institute.

English Proficiency

This is another application criteria which depends on your choice of course, country of origin and nativity of English. As an evidence of English language proficiency, a test for minimum English language is accepted by the Australian Government.

Some popular English proficiency tests are IELTS, TOEFL IBT and Cambridge Advanced English (CAE). There is a list of proficiency tests and their qualifying scores accepted by the government here.

Some educational institutes have a different means of gauging proficiency and can be higher than the standard expected by the government.

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

All student visas adhere to GTE. The government just does not want anyone to overstay and take advantage of their student visa. Your intentions to stay temporarily in Australia are determined here by the officer in charge where he considers your individual and academic circumstances and home country as part of the assessment.

Courses in Australia

According to the Global MBA Ranking by Financial Times, Australia is the third most coveted destination for studying abroad. The most popular courses revolve around business and management but Australia’s higher education is host to a bunch of academic courses allowing you to go crazy and study what you would really like!

Costs of studying

A bachelor’s degree on an average term across Australia can cost around $7,900, (41,368.09 CNY, INR 40,1190) according to Dr. Kirby. While annually a bachelor’s degree costs, AU$15,000 (US$11,750) to AU$33,000 (US$25,800). Post graduate programs are AU$20,000 (US$15,650) to $37,000 (US$28,900) and PHD programs are AU$14,000 (US$10,950) to $37,000 (US$28,900).

Living expenses

An estimate of AU$350 to $900 per week would include recreation, food and travel although accommodation rates vary depending on the type chosen.

It costs about $300/week in Sydney, $160 in Melbourne and $175 in Perth. Do check here for The Student Housing Accommodation’s rates for the newest and most comfortably furnished accommodations.


Scholarships are another reason for Australia being one of the most popular study abroad destinations. Scholarships imply covering tuition fees, one semester’s extension and scholarship amount levied up to AUD$10,000. Visa Fees- The Australian student visas fees keep changing from time to time. This tool lets you estimate your price if you have to customise your application.The subclass 500 starts from AUD (Australian Dollars) $560. That is 28,713.73 Indian Rupees, 2,939.89 Chinese Yuan Renminbi, 36,411.28 Bangladeshi Taka and 47,160.39 Pakistani Rupee. Source If you are looking to work or study in the US, Get in touch with ADMIVO, a company of repute for Admissions Consulting and Employment services. A Guaranteed preparation in town. Delivered Successful results. University Counseling | Internship | VISA | Analytics | GRE | GMAT | TOEFL | IELTS | SAT | PTE | BIG DATA | HORTONWORKS PREPARATION 999-360-0076

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