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Single and Multiple entry Canada Visa – how different are they?

Canada is one of the most favored destinations for potential Immigrants. Due to the endless opportunities and diverse Immigration programs, Canada is desired by all. However, the Visas that the country offers are divided into 2 main categories –

  • Single entry Canada Visa

  • Multiple entry Canada Visa

Single entry Canada Visa:

Immigrants are granted Single entry Canada Visa for serving any country-specific service. They are allowed to enter the country only once during the validity of the Visa. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issue this Canada Visa up to 6 months.

Multiple entry Canada Visa:

Multiple entry Canada Visa is issued to only legitimate Immigrants. IRCC issues this Visa with long term validity for up to 10 years, as quoted by the Government of Canada. Immigrants can enter the country as often as necessary during the validity of the Visa.

Single entry Canada Visa vs. Multiple entries Canada Visa:

  • The Single entry Canada Visa lets Immigrants enter the country only once. Whereas, the Multiple entry Visa lets them enter the country multiple times until the validity expires.

  • IRCC will issue the Single entry Canada Visa for up to 6 months. For Multiple entries Visa, it goes up to 10 years.

  • If the purpose of an Immigrant to visit Canada is limited, they are granted the Single entry Canada Visa. However, if IRCC finds the purpose not confined to one-time events or procedures, they will issue the Multiple entry Visa.

Which Canada Visa to apply for:

The choice is not up to the Immigrants. By default, their applications are considered for the Multiple entry Canada Visa. IRCC reviews the profiles and purpose mentioned in them. If they find out that the reason for the visit is limited, they would issue the Single entry Canada Visa. However, the Multiple entries Visa is the standard document to issue at present. Officers are required to present an explanation for issuing the Single entry Visa.

IRCC also assesses the proof of support, funds, and coverage of medical emergencies to decide the eligibility. Hence, it is always advisable to have the profile checked by an experienced Immigration service provider to avoid rejection.

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