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It is Australia & Canada now for Indian students over the US

Below are the top 5 factors as to why students in India are increasingly opting for Canada and Australia as their study overseas destination over the US:

Factor # 1: Vast range of courses

Canada and Australia have some of the most eminent educational institutions globally. Students are offered a wide range of programs based on their personal interest and expertise. This includes conventional STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to programs in Management.

Factor # 2: Post-study Work Visa

Students from India can apply for a Post-study Work Visa in Canada and Australia. This opportunity is not offered in most of the nations.

Overseas students can qualify for 3 years Work Visa in Canada. This is if they have completed their Master’s degree from a University in Canada.

Students can also apply for a 2-year Post-study Work Visa in Australia. The process is really simple.

Factor # 3: PR Visa

Several students from India enjoy their stay in Canada and Australia very much. They thus make a decision to apply for Permanent Residency or PR Visa.

The Express Entry program in Canada has been recently reformed. It now has emerged as a big factor determining Indian students who opt for study abroad.

Overseas students just require some qualifications to apply for the Australia PR Visa.

Factor # 4: Secure environment

Canada and Australia are really safe for overseas students barring few incidents of racial crime.

Majority of their cities are cosmopolitan and residents and warm and forthcoming towards overseas nationals. The Canadian and Australian governments are open to all nationalities strongly fostering cultural diversity.

Factor # 5: Affordability

Apart from the above reasons, affordability is a very big deciding factor for Indian students to apply for study overseas in Canada and Australia. The cost of living and tuition fees are relatively cheaper as compared to the US, as quoted by India Today.

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