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Australian Universities Offering September 2020 Intake!

Some of the high-ranked Australian universities are still accepting applications for September 2020 intake. Students interested in enrolling online still have adequate time to enroll in these universities.

Please find below list of universities, links for Sep 2020 intake and their deadlines.

1. The University of New South Wales 

Course Start Date : 14/09/2020

Deadline : Flexible

2. The University of Adelaide : 

Course Start Date : 07/09/2020

Deadline :Last Date of Enrolment : Monday, 10th September

3. University of South Australia

Course Start Date : 21/09/2020

Deadline : Flexible

4. Western Sydney University

Course Start Date : 21/09/2020

Deadline : Flexible

5. LaTrobe University, Melbourne

Course Start Date : 07/09/2020

    Deadline :

Application Deadline : Monday 24th August 2020

Application Acceptance Deadline : Friday 28th August 2020

Last Day to Enrol : Friday 4th September 2020

6. Le Cordan Bleu, Melbourne

Course Start Date : 09/09/2020

Deadlines : Payment Deadline : 14th September (for online classes)

Please feel free to contact us should you need any further details in this regard. 9109050076


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