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How to Email a Professor for the Supervision in MS/PhD

Are you planning to study abroad and looking forward to writing an email to the professor but uncertain about the criteria? In this article, you will learn “How to Email a Professor for MS or PhD supervision” and you must know proper email is the basis for research supervision, scholarships/research scholarships, and fundings. 

Proper email is the key here. You must know that through the proper email you can fully funded scholarships (Masters Scholarships or PhD Scholarships) for your studies. Many people ignore all these points that’s why they don’t get any response from the professors. Carefully read the whole article and learn more about how to write an email to a professor, or how to write an email to professor for research assistantship, how to write an email to professor for graduate school admission, how to write an email to professor for research, how to write an email to professor for masters or how to write an email to professor for PhD. 

Your email should be outstanding, gives a nice impression, and assists you to be a well-qualified applicant. The applicant should be acknowledged regarding email patterns, keywords, and structure.

Your email should be out loud that shows why you are interested in the selected field, how you can be a perfect person for this position. Repetition of the words should be avoided, the matter should be clear, correct, and concise.

Whenever you are approaching a professor, try to give a read to his research material and mention it in your email. Keep a check on the correct use of punctuation and grammar in the email.

How to Email a Professor for the Supervision in MS/PhD?

How to address the Professor?

Ignoring an email by a professor is quite normal as they have busy schedules, so be attentive while writing the subject line. In order to make sure that your email will not be ignored, try to include an information-based, strong, and attractive subject line. By the correct use of words in the subject line professor will be able to catch an idea of what your email is about. You can write like that, “Request for MS Supervision Spring 2020 or Spring 2021” or “Request for PhD Supervision” 

Always begin or address the person by using professional greetings for instance with Dear Prof._____, Dear Dr.____, and avoid addressing with Mr.____, Ms.____ or Mrs.____


The 1st paragraph should give a concise summary of your self including your native country and your name. It must tell you about your achievements, experience, and qualifications relevant to the open position. By addressing the professor’s research area, you can also show that you also want to work on one of his research projects in his lab. Moreover, you can give a clue that you are eager to get ay possible PhD/MS opportunities or scholarships in his research or lab group.

Body Paragraph:

In this paragraph, with the consideration of the professor’s research area, mention your work experience, skills, and previous research work. The applicant can get a brief overview of the professor’s research publications, previous, and current projects by visiting the lab’s official website. In order to be a good competitor, you must list all of your achievements and expertise to provide a clear vision about your passion in the professor’s research area. Avoid any jargon or slang words, and any kind of complexity.

Last Paragraph:

The last paragraph is supposed to be the last one. In this paragraph, you have to show your enthusiasm, passion, and motivation to work in the professor’s research group. Furthermore, you can state what inspires to be a part of this research group or a specific domain.

Closing Statement:

With a polite, requesting, and respectful manner close this paragraph and write a short statement regarding the CV or any other document attached and ask if any document is required. For example, Kindly find the attached document, and would love to provide you further documents if needed.  If the process will be manageable, I would look forward to being a part of your research ( project name) in the coming fall.

Proof Reading:

Make sure that you review your email before forwarding it to the professor, it will help you to convey your message in the nicest way.

Sample Email for requesting to the Professor for Supervision in MS/PhD

Subject: Request for MS or PhD Supervision or Request for MS or PhD Research Assistantship 

Dear Professor______,

My name is (write your name) and I have completed (your degree title) from (Full university name) with (your CGPA, don’t mention CGPA if it’s low). Mention I got medals, certificates, and achievements if any.

(Write about Projects, internships, research or thesis) During my undergraduate or Masters’s studies, I have been engaged in a research project or have written any thesis ( relevant to my expertise), include that. Moreover, I have done internships, research publications, current or previous work experience, or online courses.

I have visited your research articles and found my field of interest in your research area. I am very enthusiastic to conduct and pursue your research along with him. (Do mention the name of the Research Lab Name or website, Also mention the research topic or fields in which you are interested) 

I have attached my CV /other required documents and I would be glad to hearing from you soon.

I am very thankful and looking forward to your positive response.

Best Regards,

Your name

Good Luck!


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