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List of the Paid Internships In South Korea in 2021

There are a plethora of internship opportunities, but finding paid internships in Asian Countries like South Korea is like seeking a pin in a haystack. However, you don’t need to go through all that stress.

CNN gave us 50 reasons Seoul is the world’s greatest city. Some of these reasons include Asia’s largest underground shopping mall, high-tech bargains, superb service, boy/girl groups, the food and more!

With many businesses gaining credence and establishing their headquarters in South Korea you will get an internship position, and by reading this article, we will ensure you get a paid one.

What Makes Internship Positions in South Korea Attractive?

According to Wikipedia, South Korea is a sovereign state in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. Highly urbanized at 92%, South Koreans lead a distinctive urban lifestyle; half of them live in high-rises concentrated in the Seoul Capital Area with 25 million residents and the world’s sixth-leading global city with the fourth-largest economy and seventh-most sustainable city in the world.

South Korea is one of the well-developed countries in Asia replete with a well-educated and highly skilled workforce. This makes their average household income arguably the highest in Asia compared to China and Japan.

In security, healthcare, employment opportunities, and the ease of doing business, South Korea has ticked all the boxes. Their commitment to development pushed them to create the world’s fastest internet speed as they ranked top in 4G LTE coverage globally.

What is a Good Salary For an Intern in South Korea?

In 2019, the average salary for employees in South Korea amounted to approximately 3.26 million South Korean won per month. Overall, the level of wages showed a steady increase during the past decade (Statista).

Interns usually get a good take-home incentive for all their efforts as they get rewards of up to ₩1,692,860 per month. You might say this is almost half the average worker’s wages, however, you must consider that a lot of internship organizations don’t pay at all.

List of the Paid Internships In South Korea in 2021

There are a lot of internship opportunities, but finding paid internship opportunities in South Korea takes a little extra effort. We have done that work for you already as we have listed the top paid internships in South Korea this 2021. They include:

9. Seoul Internship Program with CRCC Asia

CRCC Asia is the leading global provider of internships abroad. Their global Internship Programs offer one, two, and three-month international internship programs in China, Japan, India, Vietnam, South Korea and the UK.

This is actually a perfect start for individuals who would soon start seeking employment and who wish to gain competitive advantage in today’s highly competitive job markets. All the outstanding programs will help you easily stand out from the crowd and ultimately boost your global employability.

In paid internships in South Korea and Asia, CRCC Asia has the trust of many individuals as they continue to stand with other internship opportunity providers.

8. South Korea Internship with Meiji Internships

In paving your way into Asia, Meiji Internships will collaborate with you on your journey to work, travel and live in Asia. They can create customized internship placement and accommodation – you pave the way for your international career.

Under this internship, you get to choose from several industries and destinations according to your interests and talents, build work experience in global Japanese companies and establish crucial business connections to kick-start your future international career.

Meiji internships have an interest in your personal development, offering you a one-time experience to explore the city of South Korea.

7. International Business Development Internship with AIP

When you’re seeking an internship that will help you understand diverse areas of your business, then business development is a paid internship opportunity you should embrace. In this position, you will work on sales, marketing, strategic management and customer relationship, amongst other things.

From dynamic SMEs to large multinational corporations, there is a rigid network of partner companies that encircle them. Hence, whatever you demand from the business development internship, you will access easily.

No matter whether your business is local, regional or international, this opportunity will help you offer valuable insight into the company’s inner workings for interested interns. Hence, the internship roles vary depending on the company that Asia Internship Program matches the applicants with. With this internship, you will learn hands-on how to develop a business.

6. Internship in Korea by Asia Internship Program

Asia Internship Program is one of the first fully integrated internship provider in the Asian region that connects ambitious young professionals and students with organizations. All the internship programs are completely customizable and suited to your skill sets, expectations, and career goals.

AIP prides itself on providing you with the most meaningful international internship experience possible. For this reason, they place great importance of combining your professional development with a great cultural immersion in your host country.

Since AIP’s foundation, they’ve put in a great place over 750 candidates across all of our destinations with a 96% placement rate. Hence, they remain one of the best places to find quality paid internships in South Korea.

5. NextStep Internships Abroad

NEXSTEP Internships Abroad help you take part in work experience overseas.Under this program, you can choose preferred dates, duration, industry and destination in Asia’s most exciting cities including Chile, Spain, Kenya, London, Dublin, United States, Australia.

Anyone who partners with NEXSTEP Internship abroad Program works in line with their goals and dreams while eliminating personal limitations. And that’s why NEXSTEP encourages you to push your limitations for Personal Growth.

NEXSTEP Future Leader offer internship programs abroad ranging from 4 to 24 weeks – all-year round. NEXSTEP Summer Internships Abroad Programs, from May to August, are the most popular as university students and fresh graduates, like to spend their summer vacations traveling the world to take part in our internship abroad.

4. Travel & Tourism Internships with CCRC Asia

A lot of interns possess the opportunity to venture into the booming industry thanks to the Hallyu wave. Auto manufacturing and technology manufacturing has also been a powerful part of the South Korean market since its upturn.

Internships within IT offer students another look at the changing market. Through all available Career Fields, you get a unique chance to experience the intense growth and business culture of South Korea.

As an intern, you get access to certain benefits that are high-quality, centrally located accommodation, a professional development hub, welcome pack on arrival, and accommodation pickup and drop off.

3. Internship Program in South-Korea (Seoul)

Asia Hope Camp Organization (ACOPIA) is a place that offers an internship to students who are interested in international exchange, Korean culture, and are interested in working for a non-profit organization. Such interns serve at the principal office in Seoul, South Korea.

In this environment, you will receive one-on-one language lessons, form partnerships with NGO’s from your home country, take part in promotional activities, and much more. As an added advantage, ACOPIA offers weekly Korean lessons and Kpop dance classes to our interns at no extra charge.

Some highlights of your program will fall into marketing, language exchange, multicultural classroom, and Korean culture. ACOPIA remains one of the best paid internships in South Korea for interested interns.

2. Intern in South Korea with UNOSD

The newly created United Nations Office for Sustainable Development (UNOSD) contributes to the building, exchanging and facilitating the use of knowledge to support a faster and broader transition towards sustainable societies.

UNOSD specializes in mapping, assessing and improving the exchange of knowledge resources, providing guidelines to the UN Member States and the broader policy communities on sharing and applying such resources.

Through its portal, UNOSD eases access to the vast and sometimes overwhelming knowledge on sustainable development. It also facilitates connections between researchers and practitioners, notably for national and local policymaking and programming.

1. Seoul Internships with Beyond Academy

Start your career with a CV-boosting international work experience program.An opportunity to intern with great organization that will help propel your dreams towards the sail of progress.

This academy recognizes the transformative power of education and created our academy to be both a complement and alternative to traditional options. They place experience over exams, and growth over grades. But, they embrace individuality and aim to revolutionize education through the experience and community we create.

Beyond Academy’s internship in Seoul offers you unparalleled insights and experience. As an international business hub, Seoul is home to Samsung and Hyundai, disruptive start-ups and everything in between. Our Seoul internships run in 18 industries including marketing, engineering, and fashion.

FAQ on List of the Paid Internships In South Korea in 2021

How Can I Get An Internship In South Korea?

You can get an internship place when you apply for the right internship opportunities.

Can I Get A Paid Internship In South Korea?

Yes, you can find paid internship positions in South Korea when you read this content.

What Visa Do I Need To Intern In South Korea?

To intern in South Korea, you can use a short-term visa which usually spans for about 6 months or a long-term visa from your employer.

What Is A Good Internship Salary?

Interns usually get a good take-home incentive for all their efforts as they get rewards of up to ₩1,692,860 per month

How Long Can A Paid Internship Last?

A paid internship can last for about 6 months or even close to a year. However, they don’t last more than a year.


South Korea has ticked all the boxes. Their commitment to development pushed them to create the world’s fastest internet speed as they ranked top in 4G LTE coverage globally. And with a whole lot of other advancements in place, they will keep drawing interested candidates to their paid internship programs.


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