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Study finds that 83% of Indian students think that degrees earned Internationally are more valuable.

According to research, 83% of Indian students think earning a degree abroad will help them get a better job and provide them an advantage over other applicants. Approximately 57% of Indian middle class households (those with annual incomes between Rs 3 and Rs 10 lakh), according to a new report released on Tuesday, are considering paying for their children to attend an international university.

The study provides an important analysis of the growing interest in international study among this, the largest group in India.

Students' rising expectations have led experts to predict that by 2025, more than two million Indians will leave the country to pursue higher education elsewhere, spending more than $100 billion in the process. There will be a rapid increase in demand for cutting-edge goods and services in this market, making this an extremely promising potential.

The report found that 83% of students think earning a degree abroad will improve their chances of getting a better career.

As a result of increased accessibility to education opportunities abroad, 42% of Indian students are considering studying in a country other than an English-speaking one.

This demonstrates that Indian students are becoming more discerning and open to various options when deciding where to pursue their higher education abroad. They are taking into account a variety of factors, such as the university's ranking, scholarship opportunities, living expenses, etc.

About 60% of the participants in the study were men, and 39% were women. Only 2% of respondents were comfortable disclosing their gender.

Approximately 34% of the hopefuls were between the ages of 25 and 30, while 2/3 were between the ages of 18 and 24.

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