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US Universities rely more on Social Media to recruit overseas students

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US Universities are increasingly relying on the Social Media to recruit overseas students. This has been revealed by the latest report from the World Education Services. WES is a not-for-profit organization.

WES survey reveals that most of its respondents reported having altered or plan to alter the strategies for recruiting the Overseas Students. The report observes a specific focus on social media with 78%. The percentage for focus on domestic travel for backyard hiring was 72%. This is for recruitment of overseas students in the US, as quoted by the Study International.

The enhanced focus on Social Media can be witnessed in Georgetown Stories the super campaign of the Georgetown University. The video shows student life at the campus in Washington DC as it is and films over a dozen students annually. This tactic resulted in a phenomenal expansion of engagement on the social media as per Mad Hatter Tech. It was 2007% and 348% expansion respectively on Instagram and Facebook.

Match Made in Salford application of the University of Salford that is similar to Tinder is another example. In the place of dates, potential candidates can swipe right or left for matching potential courses.

This helps to enhance the focus on customer service. It assists the prospective students through their pathway to Texas A&M, he added.

Wilson said that SM is a crucial tool as one has to meet the current and prospective students at their places. It is Social Media where several students discover and exchange information, engage with peers and participate in communities, adds Wilson.

WES report reveals that US Universities are increasingly relying on less expensive and innovative SM strategies.

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