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Top 5 tips to assist in enhancing your IELTS score

Demonstrating proficiency in the English language is a mandatory requirement for overseas immigrationwhether it is for Study or Work.

TIP # 1

You can practice speaking but rehearse is not advisable. Rehearsed speaking sounds artificial and chances of errors are high. Try to speak confidently and naturally, as quoted by the CIC News.

TIP # 2

Do not try to recollect a missed part of the listening audio. Guess and proceed forward. It’s good to attend to the rest of the section than missing it for a small section of the audio.

TIP # 3

Writing section must have short sentences. Better Grammar and sentence structure can be achieved by shorter sentences. A single thought must be presented in one sentence. Avoid unnecessary intricate style of writing.

TIP # 4

The content of the speech is not really crucial. You are not expected to be the expert in a topic assigned to you. The examiner is assessing just your communication ability and not subject knowledge. Don’t be highly stressed by the topic.

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