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University of the Week – Deakin University, Australia

Established in 1974, Deakin was Victoria’s fourth university and the first in regional Victoria. Emerging as one of the strongest university of Australia, with being the 9th largest university holding the 66th rank in a survey conducted by Times Higher Education, it has managed to develop an environment conducive to the growth of a student. Today, Deakin operates in a global, connected world with the digital economy influencing every aspect of our activities. Deakin was awarded a 5-star rating by the prestigious university ranking organization. The rating indicates that the university is considered to be world-class in a broad range of areas, has cutting-edge facilities, and is internationally renowned for its research and teaching faculty. Another factor that adds to the accolades of the university is the quality of the Faculty. The University has won a National Award for excellence in teaching. Now going on to the other diverse fields which make this university the choice of the week are manifold. One of them is the huge variety of courses it offers from hot courses like business to rare ones like criminology and the major one catering to the attraction of international students is international languages. The university has partners like TAFE , VET and Melbourne Institute Of Business Technology, which provide foundation and pathway courses leading to an admission with Deakin University. It has many partners across the globe for student’s exchange program, giving its students the opportunity to travel the world. The university is very active in community engagement. The Deakin Week, which is designed to inform, inspire and engage industry, government, community, research, staff and students, is a celebration of Deakin’s partnerships and accomplishments. Why Choose Deakin University?

  • Excellent Facilities- Deakin offers state of the art facilities like cafes and restaurants, sporting facilities, libraries, lecture halls and meeting rooms and residential conference venues. The library has an extensive collection of books, research material and journals. Students can also even book a study room in campus library for their group assignments.

  • Campus Life – The university has four campuses Melbourne Burwood campus, Geelong waterfront campus, Geelong Wourne Pond campus and Warrnambool campus. All the campus have wireless hotspots, scenic beauty and innovative architecture which stand as a strong affinity for the present and prospective students.

  • Support, Counselling and Welfare- Deakin provides excellent educational and support services to assist you with your transition into and throughout university life, as well as programs to help you overcome difficulties and barriers associated with coming to and staying at university. The international office at the university is world-renowned and provides excellent facilities focused towards international students.

  • Awards and Honors - As already talked about the feathers in the cap of Deakin in the name of accolades are many whether it is for faculty or research or student welfare. Globally Recognized courses – Our MBA and Bachelor of Commerce are internationally recognized and EPAS accredited by the European Foundation for Management Development.

  • Success stories of graduates – 95.2 per cent of Deakin graduates get employed in one year.

  • Scholarships Offer- The University also offers a variety of scholarships for international students.

If you are looking for a memorable University life, globally recognized degrees and a life changing experience then Deakin is the place to be. If you are looking to work or study in the US, Get in touch with ADMIVO, a company of repute for Admissions Consulting and Employment services. A Guaranteed preparation in town. Delivered Successful results. University Counseling | Internship | VISA | Analytics | GRE | GMAT | TOEFL | IELTS | SAT | PTE | BIG DATA | HORTONWORKS PREPARATION 999-360-0076

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